Get this newness of errors

(Eric) #1

AS of today, all of my icons I custom set in the mobile app now for SmartThings outlet, and Jasco outlets are now gone. I can no longer even set those in the options for these device types.

Gotta be related to v2, wouldn’t you think? Have very confused kids.

On top of my Sonos going bust once again forgetting its integration, which I am used to, but the icons is a real head scratcher. Any one else?

Icon reverted back to default, can't reassign, Echo can't see it
(Mike Maxwell) #2

Interesting, happened to me as well. Appears that the ST device was updated, and the update icon preference has been removed.

(Eric) #3

ok, not going insane. Wish for notices of changes, though.

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Well, it’s an outlet, who would ever want to change the icon for that? :astonished:

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #5

Something weird is definitely going on.

I haven’t found any missing custom icons on my Thing tiles yet … but some of them have lost the circular beveled boarders…

Ah… the Dimmers … not the Switches (nor my own Virtual Switches / Device on/off Tiles).

So: somebody messed with the Device Type for ZigBee or Z-Wave outlet?

Goshdarnitwtf… Why can’t we get RELEASE NOTES???


(The fish is still dead.) #7

Another platform update, another feature broken.

We need expiration dates on features.


My problem was fixed by whatever the fix was they put in this afternoon for the echo discovery issue.

(Ryan) #9

I forwarded this to support this afternoon. After a bit, they were able to confirm it was on their end. Force closing the app and restarting it will fix it now. One of my temp/humidity sensors is still messed up though…no big temp number and color, just a little number and a white background. If I screw around with it too much it locks up and shows as UNKNOWN on a dark grey background that is completely unusable. Have to disassociate the vice through ide, the add it back. It’s functional, but still the wrong icon. Sigh.