Ide location issue

when i log into the ide i see 2 locations both labled as home and both are mine. One has all my “things” the other has my phone and tv listed. How do i merge those two locations?

Do you have a SmartThings or Samsung account?

that’s a great question because it seems as if i have both.
i thought when they tried to move me to “new” samsung app i found that nothing worked as it should… that being said i am currently logging into the ide with samsung account. no smart things account

ST has been slow with some of my actions lately super slow

Sounds like you need to contact ST support at

I know there is suppose to be a way to move devices from one location to another but I only remember one person trying and it didn’t work. ST support should be able to get everything in one location for you.

With a Samsung TV, you will need to new app.

Easy method might be to simply delete the phone and tv and add them to the other location that has all your devices. Then delete the empty location. But again, contact ST support and let them assist you :slight_smile:

do they still not have chat as an option? i see call and email

Only call or email. If you call, you can get a call back instead of waiting on the line.