Add device detects "Thing" w/error - no event in ide [RESOLVED]

Hi all,

I’ve been trying to add a couple xaiomi devices - the device handlers have been created, but I’m getting some odd behavior in the mobile app. On search it will immediately detect two "Thing"s. They cannot be renamed or saved and do not appear in the ide events. They appear regardless of whether any of my devices are in pairing mode.

This has been blocking me from adding any new devices.

Screenshots attached.

Have you already changed the device handlers for them in the IDE? If so, I’d suggest deleting them from the IDE and then add them again in the app. Then you should be able to save them and then go into the IDE to update their device handlers.

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They were never added to the app.

Order of operations:

  1. added device handlers for motion sensors + door sensor
  2. saved and published (for me)
  3. did not add a new device through the IDE
  4. In the thingiverse app + new devices
  5. thing + thing are immediately detected - after about .25 seconds
  6. cannot save or rename thing + thing
  7. ide does not show thing / thing in my devices
  8. ide does not show catch-all event under events or detection of thing

I was trying to replicate what you are seeing and I can’t. I’d recommend contacting support.

The only other thing I could think of is a smart app that is trying to create virtual devices and getting stuck while doing it. I’ve seen it in a few smart apps (Gentle Wake Up and Hue-B-Smart, for instance) where they create a quasi-device that shows up when you go to Add a thing.

Beyond that, I’m stumped.

Interesting, I’ve had gentle wake-up installed for a while - but had never seen this before.

Thanks for pitching in your help though - it’s appreciated.

Still looking for anyone else who has experienced this or knows what might be causing it.

For anyone who stumbles upon this, I contacted technical support. The two devices did eventually show up in my IDE as:

Thing Thing Home Home Hub 9A4C INACTIVE Cloud 2 hours ago
Thing Thing Home Home Hub 9B29 INACTIVE Cloud 2 hours ago

I was unable to delete them and would get the “Cannot invoke method run() on null object”

Samsung tech support was able to delete the devices by changing them to another type and then deleting them. They say they’re not sure what causes it but have seen it before and call them “Ghost devices”.

I’ll give it another shot when I get home and see if they pop up again.

As one final follow up - After deleting the “Thing” devices, they were not detected again and I was able to successfully add the Xiaomi switches.

Mystery…but resolved.