Created a device handler on IDE but not shown on Workplace

I have created a device handler on IDE and wanted to list my product on APP.
However, I cannot find the device handler I created, so I failed to make the publish request.

Make sure you connect to the IDE via so you get redirected to the correct database shard for your account. If you follow old documentation you can end up using (which predates the additional shards). Not saying that has happened to you, only that when this sort of thing happens that is often the problem.

You won’t see the DTH’s in the app to select from. When you join a device to the hub, it will pick the most appropriate DTH based upon the “fingerprint” in the handler from either your list of handlers or ST’s. Once it does that, you can go and edit the device in the IDE to change it to what ever one you created if you need to.

Also… there should be no need to manually add the Smartsense Open/Closed Sensor as a device handler as it should already be available to select under type for a device :slight_smile:

Final note: when you create a custom device handler, it will appear at the very bottom of the list


Thanks for all replies!
I think there are somethings corrupt and i found error ### 500 Internal Server Error.
The hub and the server work well previously and I have published several SmartThings compatible products last year.