Behavior of app GUI after changing DTH in IDE

I’m playing around with one of the Aqara battery-powered single-rocker switches (Aqara Wireless Remote Switch Single Rocker 2018 version WXKG03LM). I still have the old custom DTH made by @bspranger installed as a device handler in IDE.

WHEN I finally get the switch to pair with my v3 ST hub, it is correctly identified as a WXKG03LM switch. In the new ST app, the device panel looks like this:

When go into IDE and manually change the device handler to the native, local “Zigbee button” the entry in the ST app changes to this:

“Pressed” and “Held” would be all I need, however, the app doesn’t register any input from the switch after changing the device handler.

So I went back into IDE and reverted the device handler back to the custom one that was automatically selected after the initial pairing. But when I got back into the ST app, the GUI hasn’t gone back to the state shown in the first screenshot above. Instead, it still looks like the second screenshot - but now is registered the “pushed” and “held” inputs correctly.

I’ve noticed this behavior before a couple of times. You switch around the device type handlers, but in the GUI there remain some “vestiges” of the DTH I’ve selected before. Is there a reason why the GUI doesn’t get refreshed when changing the device handlers? Can you maybe manually force the GUI to update?

When you say “the new app” do you mean the 2018 app (the one that replaced the 2015 Classic app)?

Or the 2021 app that was just released this week for android (but is not yet available for iOS)?

As far as this:

that sounds like the “stale DTH” problem, a known issue. But I will have to leave it to others to discuss.

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Right, I’m referring to the 2018 app that replaced the classic one.

Hm, this does sound like the behavior I’ve observed, thanks.

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I’ve given up trying to guess what presentations the apps use and how to defeat the caching that is going on. I just do a little happy dance when it works as I expect.

Current example, I have an IKEA Shortcut button that uses a manufacturer and presentation defined in a fingerprint. The API showed the presentation had been correctly associated with the device but the app clearly wasn’t using it as the button label wasn’t the one in the presentation. After a few days of this the API spontaneously switched over to showing a default manufacturer and automatically generated presentation which the app picked up, and this has determinedly stayed there ever since.