Smartthings IDE and Hub not working

Hi Everyone,

Is Smartthings working for people? I can’t get to the IDE or access my hub.

Please let me know. Thank you.

Mine just took a dump too.

Same, everything just died. Gave me an opportunity to check batteries on my hub and lo, they are drained w/ white salty stuff all over.

Wow, Just checked mine and white stuff on them too.

useast1 is working.

Yup, can’t access anything either.

Yeah nothing works and app won’t load anything

All down here as well. Their site says all is operational…not.

Someone posted this just a few minutes ago on one of the other posts… ST servers..... Are they down?

Someone??? Geesh… I thought I was famous… Lol


Sorry Jason, I’m newer to these forums and don’t know who are the famous people yet! :smile:

I’m able to get to IDE now.

Oh that’s ok… I’m petty famous in these parts… Just ask me… And I’ll tell ya all about me! Lol

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So IDE is up and Hub shows as online, but can’t do Hub Reboot and devices are still not responding. Is it working for anyone?

Wife isn’t happy that I can’t shut off the fireplace because I automated it with a dry contact sensor and it’s not accessible right now… going to have to change that.

Oh you should definitely have redundancy on that… Mine has the wall switch, Alexa, the app, the relay, and a power strip…