I want to start creating an ESP8266 device

I want to start creating a device using an ESP8266 chip. Where can I find a guide to start working with. I’m completelly new to coding.

You can look at the Arduino website and get the example from their software, it is packed with it.

But what do you want to use the device for? Do you want to use it with SmartThings? Then…

I will tag @ogiewon, he can give you more advice as an ESP expert.


Thank you @GSzabados, I follow the steps until I need to run the the./build executable, it’s throw an error. Maybe because I’m executing using Ubuntu in a Raspberry (ARM processor).

Probably, but let’s tag @jody.albritton. He can give some idea why it could fail.

What is your error message?

cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

Hi, @ivanphidalgo

Our team has contacted the Espressif’s team and they’ve mentioned that there is not Toolchain supporting ARM yet. However, you will be able to run the st-device-sdk-c-ref successfully with Ubuntu x86 (if you’re using Windows, you can use a VirtualBox to do it).

If you have any other questions, please share them with me. Otherwise, could you please let me know by marking this as Solution?

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I had a few other issues but was with the version of Ubuntu used. I learned (in the hard way) that Ubuntu 20 isn’t compatible with the Python used in the toolchain so I needed to install Ubuntu 18.

Now I’m having an issue with the device ‘Discover’, I completed everything and flash the ESP8266 but I can’t find the Device in Smartthings APP, I’m using Samsung Connect Home as Hub.

I have had the same problems, the ESP32 docs is updated and the idf works with esp8266 as well.

Use the MONITOR command when your Esp8266 is in discovery mode, then you can see if any errors show up in your terminal.