Core issue

hello everyone,

I try to add new piston in Core through smartthings app but I notice nothing appear after press IF FUNCTION, but all my old pistons working fine and I can edit them too.

what might be the reason and how I can fix it?

attached screenshot of how it look like when I press if function

Do you have the most recent version of core installed?

Also, consider migrating to webcore :grin:

I have no idea, I did this like 4 or 5 months back and once I set everything I forgot about it, now I try to do some config and I notice this.

so of there is upgrade how I can do it or should I move to webcore ? will my config move with it ?

There was an update in sept that addressed your issue of creating new pistons

Webcore info

thank you @jkp

I will try to update Core based on your feedback and start read about webcore,

I would definitely move to webcore. It is much easier to program and allows you to back up your pistons.

I guess I’m already using webcore right ?

nvm, I linked Webcore, now I need to learn how to do pistion using code.

thanks everyone for help