Can't create any new CORE Pistons. ("IF" is empty) Newest Version of CORE!

Hey Community,

I need your help because it seems to be really weird. I’m confirm with smartthings CORE since two years.
But since today I can’t create new Pistons. I’ve added a new CORE SmartApp to prove if the old is wrong, but there’s the same issue.
If I want wo create a new piston and hit the “IF” button no devices or any other options appears. There’s only a text called “Main Condition Group” on a white background.
If I hit the “Then” Button everything is working. (have a look at my video in the end of my post)

Anyone else with this problem or may help me?

Remember guys its the newest version I’m using and I’ve found on:

Version: 09/08/2018 >>> v0.3.16f.20180908

I’ve also created a youtube video where you can see what I’m trying to descripe.

Guys it would be so amazing if you can help me :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany

Most of us have moved on to webCoRE. It’s way better than the original CoRE and has a web interface.

I would strongly advice you to check it out!

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Did you try going into settings and rebuilding all pistons? But I agree with @rontalley - you should really consider moving to webCoRE :slight_smile:

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I`ve checked out WebCoRE and it’s amazing and there’s a backup option. Great!
So I try to move, but I have created around 80 pistons which I have to create again :smiley:

Think you guys are right. It’s the better way for future!

I have to check where I can donate for the web application. The backup feature was my biggest concern for the stock CoRE and now it’s possible :slight_smile:
Thank you for the notice to have a look at the webCoRE!

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One more piece of good news. You can kee both CoRE and webCoRE installed!

I still have a bunch of old Pistons that work just fine in CoRE. All new Pistons are done in webCoRE.

So sounds like you can’t create any new CoRE Pistons but your old ones still work right?

Hey rontalley,

thanks for your comment!
Exactly. They are still working, but I can’t change them or create new ones in CORE.

I’ve created (“copied”) some pistons with the webVersion which is really cool and easy to understand if you already know how to handle CORE. :slight_smile:
Seems to work with both systems as you said. Really cool!

Thank you Guys for your answers! Really appreciate it!

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I am having the same problem and would like a solution.

Thanks to anyone who can help.

Hi Ronnieh559,

really recommend WebCore after this issue for new pistons.
I’ve rebuilded my others too.
With webCore you’re able to backup and it’s much much faster and really similar to original CoRE.

You don’t want to hear this. I can understand you, because I didn’t want to have work again, but it was worth it at all. :wink:

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Thank you.

I hit the same problem - and found this thread, didn’t even know about webcore.

Have installed webcore and yes its great but not a two second job which this started out as just to add a virtual switch. What has happened to CoRE?


CoRE was deprecated in favor of WebCoRE some time ago. So as the SmartThings mobile app changes, things in CoRE might no longer work, but WebCoRE should continue to be updated.

After reading thru this thread I decided to check on my simple, one and only CoRE routine. When I selected the dashboard I got the message below

I’m not sure how or if I can do the upgrade, so I’m guessing its time to go to webcore.

I’m just wondering how much of a sure thing it is that this (webcore) will be supported in th “ STSC app of the future “ ??

…any thoughts

WebCoRE works in the STSC app. The only thing, at this point, is webCoRE can not control SHM in STSC. If you need to create/edit pistons in webCoRE, that is handled in a different interface and not through the app as CoRE did. To create/edit pistons you use a browser and go to or use the webCoRE app.

to update Core, you can login to IDE at and click on My Smartapps. If you previously set up a github repository for webcore, you can click on Update from Repo. If you have not set it up, you can manually copy/paste the new code over the existing code and Save/Publish. You can find the installation instructions at

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No guarantees. Heck, they introduced a brand new SmartThings- branded device, the button, gave it special powers (it was the only way to arm the new app’s SHM other than the app itself) and then less than three months later took away the special feature. With no explanations or announcements or indication whether the feature would be back or not. And that was all official SmartThings branded stuff. :scream:

They also had an official integration with Arlo for the new app but recently dropped the ability to recognize the motion sensor from the camera. And support said that one is not coming back, they want you to “use the camera’s own app“ which sort of misses the point of integration.

So the only thing we know for sure is that we don’t know anything for sure. :wink:

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