I have an electronic ghost (Alexa hunches)

I just wanted to share some electronic gremlins that I’ve been having, I figured the solution but wanted to share my experiences to help others who might have this same issue. I have outside lights on my barn; they turn on at 30mins after sunset to 7% and turn off at 30 minutes before sunrise. If anyone comes home during this same time period the lights will brighten to 100% and then return to 7% after 5 minutes. I also have a button in the house which when pressed will brighten the lights to 100% and then return them back to 7% after 5 minutes. In essence brighten things up when people either arrive or leave. Here are the routines:

I have similar routines for other outside lights and started noticing that the lights were turned off when they should be on; looking at the history I was seeing some really random behavior like this:

Notice at 12:23am the light drops to 5%; then at 12:25am it goes to 3%; at 12:26am it’s 1% then at 12:27am something turns the light off. I looked through the routines carefully and couldn’t see anything that should be having this impact :frowning:

At home we also have Amazon Alexa and to cut a long story short I discovered that hunches is a technology that turns things off when Alexa thinks you’re asleep; the cuplret in this case is hunches! To turn this feature off in the Alexa app go to More → Settings → Hunches (closer to the bottom of the list). In my case it actually states what it did:


You can tell Alexa “she” did the wrong thing and so far the results look promising (this is the behavior I’m expecting):


I hope this helps someone who is also seeing random behavior!


Glad you found the solution! Unfortunately, it’s a fairly common problem. :ghost:

Lucky me! I added hunches as a tag, editing the title (I see you added (Alexa hunches)) gives the answer away too quickly but I’m happy to defer to your expertise. Thanks.

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