I factory reset my 2015 hub and now I can't add it back to my account

I factory reset my 2015 hub and now I can’t add it back to my account. Every time I go through the process of adding the hub again, I get to the location screen. I add a new location and it doesn’t progress forward. The screen refreshes back to the location entry screen. If I enter the location again, it says that name is already in the account. I enter a new location name and it’s the same thing over and over again. I want to take a hammer to this Dumbthings app. Can anyone help???

I’ve tried from multiple devices from my Pixel 6 to an Android tablet and it’s all the same.

what is the color of the led light on the hub?

Blue (need 10 characters) :thinking:

Blue → Hub is claimed and connected to the network, but has no internet or server connection.

How did you reset it? but start at the beginning - why did you reset it?

I reset it because there were some edge drivers that I could not remove and I’ve been meaning to rebuild the small network that I have on it.

I have a network wide ad blocker installed in my router that could be the cause. I’ll try disabling that and see what happens.

I disabled the ad blocker. The hub now goes solid blue for a couple minutes then solid green and repeats. The behavior in the app on the “Add new location” screen is experiencing the same behavior.

You may want to contact ST support. If you are in a region where you can call, that may get you a faster response.

I believe you want to see Alternating Green and Red after resetting the hub in order to claim it.

Hi, I have exactly the same problem after removing my hub and trying to add it again - the app loops on the new location screen. Did you find a solution?