Things failing to trigger? (August 1, 2017)

I’m curious if I broke something in my system or not…

Is anyone experiencing things not being triggered?


  • ST routines not being triggered by a CoRE Piston.
  • Modes not changing automatically

I’ve not changed the routine or the piston in over a year and they’ve worked great.

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Yup Mine are acting up today also. I actually had my SHM change to Away when everyone was home.
This morning my Alarm disabled by SHM did not.

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I’m hoping it’s not just me. I’m working on an app and things aren’t working for no explainable reason… lol

I am also having issues where my routines are not executing and it just started today.

Yea started happening when I installed my smartthings hub and has been reliably doing so since.



My routines have been wonky lately. They’ll trigger when they aren’t supposed to, delayed from the trigger that kicks it off, and when it does trigger not all the events occur.

I’ve thought about abandoning the routines and just rebuild them using CoRE. (I haven’t installed WebCoRe yet…)

If anyone wants to PM your ST username/email, I would be happy to look into the issues that you guys are experiencing.

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