I deleted a room, and the devices in it didn't become uncategorized


starting with the backstory, I set up a harmony hub, it created it’s own virtual switches and I created more to use alexa+rule machine to activate them by voice. So to organize them, I tried to create a ‘room’ for all of them “entertainment center” but when I did, for some reason it generated 2 rooms with the same name. One had the devices, one did not. I tried to delete one, and it deleted the wrong one. Devices now ‘missing’ from organization screens. (but still usable, and present under ‘things’ tab, everything is automated still, but I can’t organize them because they don’t show up in any rooms)
Deleting the empty room did not help either. The devices are all linked to a deleted room, and I can’t find anywhere in the app or IDE to edit this.

My forum searches are only returning results about devices that completely disappear, not just hide from room organization tab.

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(Scott G) #2

I would open up a support ticket for this as they might be able to get this sorted pretty quickly (once they get to the ticket).

I don’t know this will work for sure, and it may be tedious…but: First create the room you actually want them to go in -> then go to the My Devices tab of the IDE. Click on one of the Things that disappeared -> then click Edit at the bottom -> Change the Group that the device is assigned to the new Room you created (Group = Room, same thing). Repeat for each device and hopefully they’re all back and in the proper place.


thanks, I’ll open a ticket. I had hoped to try your ‘tedious’ solution but harmony activity ‘switches’ don’t show up in the IDE. perhaps trying to group them is what caused my issue to begin with.

(Scott G) #4

They show up in the IDE for me. I wonder if deleting the Room, deletes all Things inside of it at the time or something.

(,John Andrade) #5

It’s a known problem, same happened to me and now it says not authorized in IDE and can’t even fix it in the website. Have two support tickets going and it’s been a week and no resolution