I can't access smartthings find in any way, on s8 please help

I have a s8 galaxy with android 8.0 and a smarttag I have tried everything and I have never seen the little map of smartthings find in my smartthings app, there is nothing in the life tab I can select to see it. it asks for me to download “localiser mon mobile” which is a setting to set, and it asks to downlad find my mobile which is a website not an application.
can somebody tell me why this task is impossible and so complicated since I am using standard compatible devices in exactly the way described everywhere.
thank you

I know anything about it myself, but from the support article, you have to add it as a service on the find tab. I don’t know if you tried that yet.

  1. To activate SmartThings Find, you can
    .* Tap on “Life” tab on the menu bar and tap the SmartThings Find promotion card.
    .* Tap on “Life” tab on the menu bar, tap “+” to add service, and select SmartThings Find.

Also, it is region locked, so it’s not available in China.


If you still can’t find it, I would suggest contacting support from that page.

i do not have a find promotion card i can not add a service and select smartT find,
is it because i am on android 8 but i need andoid 10?

What country are you located?

from franc3

Most likely it is region locked and not available in your country.

tagging @SamsungZell who might be able to confirm.

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that is strange, I wouldn’t think it would have a region issue !

i find it strange also that online almost noone has had this issue,
so that does sound like a region issue right there !

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Hey there! @tchong_tching, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: As mentioned, available device features vary by region. The best way to confirm would be to check with your region’s support team.

  1. The Smart Tag is able to locate your Phone, in the Settings for the Galaxy Smart Tag, ‘Select let tag find your device’ > Select ‘This phone’ if you are using Smart Things on the Galaxy S8.

  2. All devices that can locate the find my mobile option in settings ‘Settings > Biometrics and Security > Find my Mobile’ are supported devices.

  3. The current requirements for Smart Things Find are:

  • Smart Things App Version 1.7.51 (Android)
  • Android 8.0 or Higher (Which you have)
  1. Attempt to reset Find my Mobile by removing the device and re-adding it. You should toggle the on/off switch to reset, and check if you are now able to see the map on the ‘Life’ tab of the Smart Things application. Do you see an option under the Life Tab>Add a Service> Smart Things Find?

If the symptom persists, I would recommend creating a Support ticket so we can look into your concerns further to confirm compatibility. You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
US: support@smartthings.com
UK support 0333 0000333
UK: support@smartthings.co.uk
CA: support@smartthings.ca
France Contact Support: Contactez-nous | Samsung FR | Samsung France

I hope this message finds you well!



thank you
apparently its not going to work on my phone i have tried everything,
my phone does not install 1.7.51,
can you tell me which samsung phone in the older models is the first one that can run smartthings find?
thank you

You are very welcome @tchong_tching!

Did you see an option for Find My Mobile in your device settings? If not, it is not available for your device at this time.

The update 1.7.51 was released in August of 2020 for Andriod versions 7.0 and higher. Did you check for an update in the Galaxy Store or Play Store for the Smart Things Application?

The initial release targeted devices was Galaxy phones and tablets running Android 10 or higher: Note20, Fold 2, Tab S7 series, with plans to expand to Android 8, 9 eventually (Not aware of exact expansion dates)
Samsung Watches: Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2 (Running Tizen 5.5)
Samsung Earbuds: Galaxy Buds Live, Galaxy Buds+

The best option would be to check with your region’s support team for your specific device. I’m sorry that I don’t have more information to provide.

I hope this message finds you well!


can you confirm a galaxy s9 with android 10 is fully compatible with smartthings find?