SmartThings FIND not work

SmartThings Find doesn’t work on my device S20+Ultra
Actually, I couldn’t add any device because is not visible at all, unfortunately.
“0 selected”
I have been advised to clear cash, data, reinstall the app but all the steps don’t help,
Any more idea? TIA

What is the language on your phone set to? I wonder if setting it to English (US) will resolve the issue. May or may not

English UK Change to the US not help :frowning:

Do you have Find My Mobile configured? I don’t know if that is a prerequisite but that is what it uses.

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Of course, everything like that is setup and up to date, on my old device S10+ “find” works excellent without issue…With S20+ got a problem, unfortunately :frowning:

SmartThings Find is only available on one of my devices, my Samsung phone.
The only device that SmartThings Find can find is my Samsung phone!

Why will it not work on my other devices? Then at least I could use one of them to find my Samsung phone if it was lost.

Smartthings find only works on the devices that have an Ultra Wideband chip. And there aren’t a lot of those.

You can still use the “find my mobile“ feature with most of the other devices, though.