I can not add new devices to the SmartThings/ADT hub

I can not add new devices to my SmartThings ADT Security Hub, I follow all the steps of installation and does not recognize it, load the code in the app but it remains adding and then it is canceled, the devices that brought the original package work correctly and do not problems, what should I do?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: what’s the brand and model of the devices that you are trying to add?

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The devices are the same as the original Samsung SmartThings ADT Smoke Alarm package, Samsung SmartThings ADT Keychain …, and Door & windows.

Hi, I had a similar problem, for some reason the “ADT” icon disappeared from the “add a thing” window in the classic app, What I did was a factory reset to my hub and did all the hub and things registration again