ADT SmartThings Cannot add new sensors after contract cancellation

New here, but been catching up … Have several things integrated with my ADT SmartThings panel (Schlage Door Lock, Wyze cams, Google Home hub, and about 15 lights, etc). Anyway, my 30 day trial from ADT ran out so I cancelled the contract through their link in the app. But now I cannot add any new ADT/ST sensors, as I wanted to add another Safety Expansion Pack (Smoke/CO/Water detector). It just sits there trying to pair (using the QR ). Tried both classic and new app. I’ve added Z-Wave and ZigBee devices just fine since my cancellation. It just seems that I cannot add anymore dual branded sensors. Did check the log in IDE and the hub goes to Z-Wave discovery…

Is this because I cancelled my ADT contract? Or is there something else? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Did you try excluding the devices first then add ?

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Initial setup of all ADT/ST sensors was done at the kitchen table, well within the “recommended” 15ft. After the security portion was up and running, I started adding Z-Wave/Zigbee devices over the next few weeks.

Then got another ADT/ST Safety Expansion Pack. So sitting at my usual spot at the kitchen table only 10ft from hub, could not get the new sensors to pair.

But just ran the exclude from the IDE (thank you for recommending) and rebooted Hub (good measure?!?)… also held sensors close to hub while pairing (just because). Not sure what did the trick, user error, interference, time of day, phase of the moon… but things are happy again.

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