Why I can't add samsung ADT hub in the NEW samsung smartthings app?

I have configured the samsung ADT hub in the smartthings classic app… and then I bought another samsung ADT hub but that new hub for some reason I was able to configure it using the NEW samsung smartthings application in an iPhone (I was not able to do it using the classic app), also there is an option to add ADT things with the new app in the “all brands” section and shows the home security panel like the classic app.

I tried to factory reset my first samsung ADT hub to configure it again but now using the NEW samsung smartthings application but I had no luck, for some reason this time the new application does not detect the hub and also in the application there is no option to add “ADT” things.

Is there something that I can do to move my account or hub from the classic app to the new app and have the option to add ADT things?

I don’t know why I was able with the latest Hub that I bought but not with the older one.


This issue is confusing a lot of people and there is not help or support about it… unveliebable!
ADT devices dissapeared from the new smartthings app!!! wtf

I had the same issue, I was able to add the ADT hub using the Smartthings brand under the device list.

But I am still stuck with the sensors since are not being recognized by the app and the ADT devices are not part of the devices list if someone had the same issue and knows who to fix it I will appreciate it.

sounds like they are quietly trying to kill it off.