ADT Hub can't add any sensor

Hi, I have a new ADT Hub, I already activated the Hub with the Classic App without any problems.
Now when I try to add a new ADT Door Sensor, I try to scan the QR Code but the app never open the camera, its automaticaly come back to “My Home” page.

If anyone has a ADT Hub can you test with the Classic App if you can open the camera to scan a QR Code. I already tried with 4 differents cellphones with the same result.

I suspect a bug into the last update of the Smartthing Classic App causing this issue.

I also tried to manually add the sensor using the button onto the sensor to put it into paring mode (slow blinking red LED) without any success.

PS: I also contacted Smartthing Support about this and did a video showing the problem in the Classic App but they only respond with others irrevelant questions and are not helping at all (they also only respond within 2 - 3 days in intervals) so I’m in a infinite loop with them.

Thanks !

Classic is no longer supported. I’m surprise the support rep didn’t tell you this. Please use the newer version that came out. I actually was doing what you were doing at first and called support and was like theirs a newer app version? Once I used that one I had no issues.

On the new one I know you can add the sensor using the programming ID that should be on a sticker on front of the sensor as well as inside on the circuit board.

Remove the battery and add back in. Then press the button on the device twice then hold it down. It should stay red for pairing mode. Once that’s done try readding with the NEW app.

Thanks for your suggestion.
I have already tried the new App without any success.
On the sensor when I push the button twice and hold it down it start blinking red slowly (i think thats mean its in pairing mode) but the new APP never find the sensor.
I have reproduced the same problem with 2 brand new ADT Hub and with 4 new doors sensors, so I know its not a hardware isssue.

Also, on the new Smartthing App, when I try to scan the QR Code, its says

“Invalid QR code”
“This device can’t be added using a QR code.
Try adding this device by selecting it from the list.”

Thanks !

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I know its frustrating, I spent all day before when I got the system originally and Samsung nor ADT can add the sensors on their end which is nuts. This is a programming no no. The back end (Samsung/ADT) should be able to do things the front end (us the users) can do. Not allowing so is just a single point of failure. Which is what you are experiencing. Can you imagine if like for DirecTV you could only add receivers using the directv website and if you called they were all like we can’t add them on our end. So freaking stupid.

I think these problems is why this system is basically dead.

But take the battery out for a 60 seconds and put it back in and try to pair using the QR and the code.

I tried everything, removed the battery for 1 -2 mins, pressed all the buttons combinaison possible I still can’t add any ADT sensor.

The QR Code wont work at all, in the new App the cell phone camera open then when I scan the code its saying the same error on all of the new sensors I have tested (more than 5)

“Invalid QR code”
“This device can’t be added using a QR code.
Try adding this device by selecting it from the list.”

On to the classic App, the camera wont turn on at all to scan the QR Code. (tried with 4 differents cell phones)

Thanks !

  1. Before you begin, identify the location(s) where you would like to install the detector(s). Make sure that door and window detectors are within 350 feet of the Hub. TIP: This system is intended for indoor use only. Use this on a door or window where an intruder might be able to enter your home.

  2. Log into the SmartThings app on your smartphone:

  • Make sure your system is disarmed before installing any new device
  • Open your app, navigate to the Devices list and select Add Devices
  • Tap ADT Security Devices
  • Select the ADT device you are trying to add
  • Pull the tab on your detector to place your device in pairing mode
  • Use the SmartThings app to scan the QR code on the device and follow the on-screen instructions
  1. Before mounting the device, place the QR code somewhere easy accessible for future use.

  2. Troubleshooting: If the detector did not pair successfully with the ADT Hub, follow these steps to manually put your device back in pairing mode:

  • Press and release the button on the front of the detector twice.
  • Press and hold the button. The red LED will begin to blink quickly, and after a short period of time will stay on.
  • Release the button and after 5 seconds the red LED will begin to blink slowly.
  • Use the SmartThings app to complete setup.
  • See the ADT Door and Window Detector Guide for more information.
  1. When mounting the detector and magnet:
  • Make sure all surfaces are clean.
  • Use the pre-applied adhesive tape.
  • Place the detector on the door/window or frame; place the magnet on the actual door.
  • Make sure you do not mount both the magnet and the detector on the same area (i.e. both on door/window or frame).
  • Make sure the detector and magnet are mounted as close as possible (not to exceed .5” apart) so that door/windows can open and shut freely.
  • When spacing due to height is an issue, make sure you utilize the spacer included in the box. This spacer increases the height of the magnet and mounts via a locking tab that matches up with the magnet.
  • When spacing due to height is an issue, make sure you utilize the spacer included in the box. This spacer increases the height of the magnet and mounts via a locking tab that matches up with the magnet.

TIP: For double doors, attach the magnet to the most-used door and the sensor to the least-used door.

  1. Test the device: After successfully pairing your device the detector should work fine and register on the Hub. You can test your door and window detector by opening and closing the door or window where it’s been installed, and then checking its status on your Hub.

Try that. I found on ADT site

It might also be possible that sensor is a defect. I had one like that that would not add for nothing that came with the complete box that has the panel.

On the new app have you tried to use just the pair ID?

Have you went to the IDE site to see if it is there and also the ADT Canopy site?

I honestly think you may just have a defective sensor though at this point like I did. One worked. One didn’t and me and Samsung rep came to the conclusion it was a defecto.

Yes that what I thought first but I have tried with 2 brand new ADT Hub with 4 Door sensor and 2 Motions detector and its doing the same thing so I know this is not a hardware issue.
Everythings is brand new never used.

Thanks for your help !

EDIT: Here a video of the problem

Hi, I will tell you my last case. I tried to add an ADT/ST door sensor, without success, after one week of attempts I find two issues I solved, maybe 1st could help you, 2nd is just in case after you solved your current issue:

  1. I reinitiate all process but now really close of the hub, previous I was about 10 meters in down stairs (hub is upstairs), really close but when I try it again watching TV (2 meters from hub) works !

  2. When I attached the sensor in the laundry door did not work, just 15 meters from hub also downstairs, really close to have any problem (very frustrated), but accidentally I turned the magnet and I listened a “beep” in the hub. Magnets have an specific side to work.

Hope you can solve quickly.

Have you gotten a solution to this? I am having the exact same issues. Thanks.

With my ADT hub I find that sometimes Z WAVE radio turn to self off and won’t let me add sensors even though the sensors are not zwave sensors it throws me a problem and if reenable the zwave radio in IDE. I have called support before and had them do it on their end when I could not get into IDE. it took multiple attempts to pair after radio reset.

Hi, yes I have found a way to make it work.
I used a iPad to do it. The app for IOS seems to work for the QR Code scanning issue.

The bug seems to affect only Android OS devices.

Let me know if it worked for you.

Hola pude conectar el ADT HUB con este link:

Y los sensores con este:

Soy de Ecuador y funciona! Una vez configuras el primer sensor en modo "manual"o “restablecer” los demás se hacen solos!

Pase dos días hasta dar con la página.


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Hey man, I know its been a long time since you post this problem but i just got this alarm system and i got the same problem, When I try to open the camera to read QR it show an error and starts the app again.

So I came with the next solution; go to the app permission and denied the camera permission. Now it wont let me use the camera BUT i can type the number and that is how it works for me. :upside_down_face:

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Nice workaround! If I have to set up another ADT HUB, I’ll try this instead of using an IOS device.