Replacement V2 Hub - NEW APP - Can't add

I have just received my replacement Hub V2 (had the V2 previously too) and i am trying to ‘claim it’ in the SMARTTHINGS app, not the classic app. When i go to Add Device, then click on Hub i get a message pop up:

"ADT security service coming soon

The ADT security service will be available soon. Until then, please use the SmartThings Classic mobile app to setup and control your ADT devices.

Any ideas?

Is it an ADT hub? ADT only works with classic.


Nope…brand new Samsung SmartThings hub V2…

Don’t know why you are trying to use the New App. Good luck with that.

You should use the Classic app and that’s it.


Ok, good to know. I have seen a lot of poor feedback, but assumed that a new hub could mean a fresh start. The zigbee module broke in the old one apparently.

So…just avoid the new one altogether? I don’t want to spend time setting it all up for me to be ‘forced’ to use the new app and start AGAIN…

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Yes. There are at least 3 active threads about the app and not using it yet as there is no need for anyone to convert over until told to do so (months away).

Use the SmartThings Classic app and don’t even install SmartThings (Samsung Connect).

Here is one of the threads and all the complaints and comments about it:

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Great thanks for the quick reply and info. Cowboys! Who allows these things to be released!


I would be concerned that ST thinks this is an ADT hub and not a “regular” hub.


Agreed - but given the problems with the ‘new app’ I’m going to put it down to that. I’ll contact support tomorrow to be sure.

Thanks again for your quick reply too.