I am not sure this can be done with Rule Machine so I am asking here!

(Joel W) #1

Here is the situation! I am using Smart Alarm and the IRIS Centralite keypad. I have two doors that have a delay setup in Smart Alarm. When I open one of the doors with the delay setup I would like some feedback either from my iPhone such as a tone or beeping or a light flashing warning me to disarm the alarm from the keypad. I am not sure this is possible. I know the phone is probably out other than an sms message, but I think the blinking hall light that has a Z-Wave switch is possible but not sure where to start and how to make a light flash on and off about four times.

I got the rule partially working. The light will come on if door is opened in Away mode, and it will go off if on in Away mode. but I would like it to flash on and off no matter what condition the light is in.

(Jason) #2

I would think this would be possible, but you may need to use a virtual switch.
Perhaps clean up your description and post it in the rule machine thread with a screenshot of the current rule, there are people there that know more than I do on the subject.

(Joel W) #3

Thanks Jason I did as you suggested and posted it in the forum. But I don’t think there is a rule for flashing a light. I think Smart Home Monitor is missing the point. If it is being used for security then it should have exit and entry delays and the integration of a keypad, such as the IRIS which I am using and works great. I think ST is heading to the pay for use model, where if you want the alarm fully functioning you will have to pay for monitoring as they are going to do for camera feeds. I hope not, as many of us came to this platform for it’s open setup.Allowing the community development.