New user with questions &observations

New to Smartthings, and here are some observations or questions.

The Smart Home Monitor app is slow to refresh (ios).

I have Aeon Labs siren and when I open door it sounds as it should. If I don’t dismiss or clear the alarm with SHM, and make second entry into home, the alarm does not sound.

Speaking of that siren, I really don’t want the led lights on the siren to flash. Any way to disable them?

I want a smartthings comparable hardware device to show alarm status via indicator light. I’m envisioning some little box with red and green LED lights. I’d put one outside entry points.

And most of all, I want a keypad!

So if you have any suggestions please let me know.


The iris key pad from lowes never tired it myself but here is a video on it

Also iOS refresh is slow for everyone it’s just how the ST cloud is, if that’s your only problem with ST you got lucky

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This isn’t the cheapest option but I use the keypad on my Schlage Camelot lock to disarm the alarm using Lock Code Manager. Just something to consider if you plan on installing smart locks.

Some users do not use SHM because it does not have any delay actions. Smart Alarm will allow you to set delays for ingress and/or egress. The downside to this is you lose the dashboard that SHM offers.

There may be a custom device type for the Aeon Labs siren that may allow you to disable the light. I don’t have one so I can’t say for sure.

Depending on how new you are this link may be useful. Check out the FAQ section. It has instructions on installing smartapps and custom device types.

Once you get comfortable with the platform you may want to check out Rule Machine. It allows you to do a lot of things you aren’t able to do without writing a custom app. It could be a little overwhelming for a newbie depending on your technical level. Make sure to read the release notes at the top of the thread.

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Thanks for the info. I’m also wondering if I try the Smart Alarm app, can I return back to using the SHM app? Overall I really like Smartthings!

Yes, you can move back and forth at will.