Physical Alarm Status Indicator

I have recently installed a zigbee button to allow for easy arm/disarm of the smart home monitor, but I am struggling to figure out the best way to easily see if the alarm is on or off without pulling out my phone. and sometimes even when i do pull it out, I see disarmed on the home screen, and armed when I click on smart home monitor, or different status on my phone and my wifes. I am currently using rule machine to switch the mode, and turn on a hue bulb either green or red, but can’t get the trigger to turn it off automatically after a few seconds to work. i have it set to turn that light off any time it’s on at 98% brightness, which each of the rules sets it to, but it worked the first time and never again…

any suggestions?

I use a light that is tied to the SHM. When it is armed away or armed stay the light is red.

What kind of light do you use? I hesitate to use my Hue lights since they won’t turn off consistently and they’re so expensive.

I use a EZMultiPli temp/motion sensor.

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That looks like exactly what I need. thank you so much!

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Why not install the IRIS Centralite keypad so you can disarm and arm from there and just use SHM to show the status. Also if you wave your hand six inches in front of keypad you see the alarm status.

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Nice. I didn’t realize there was any indicator included with the keypad, also makes it so we don’t have to hide the smart buttons somewhere. Thanks!

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The keypad has an “OFF”, “PARTIAL” and “:ON” which is away. Partial is stay with interior motion off.

There have been a number of threads on the same topic of “indicator used for X”- I’ve got a few linked Here.
My main concern has been the cost- I’d really like to have and indicator that costs less then $30.

I’m currently working on using a breakdown of the Cree bulb Zigbee board- I’m not sure what the cost will be when it’s all said and done, but it’s been an educational experience! :grin:

I’m awaiting the photos & purchase link :slight_smile:

btw @Sonofskywalker3, I use a different pin-code to do different actions on the partial button. I have a partial which is for normal at home arming (when I key in code [ex.] 1234 then hit partial). Then I have a partial which is for when I go to bed (when I key in code {ex.] 5678). They run two different routines. The Go to Bed routine that enables Arm-Stay & sets the house on a different mode and thus enables some custom alerts in addition to the normal SHM Arm-stay (triggers a couple interior door contacts that may indicate an intrusion).

Anyways, may not work for your setup, but wanted to let you know that you could get around just 3 modes, as long as you have a good way to memorize which codes do what – I have an easy way to do this for me, but I don’t want to share that secret code here :smile:

@paulseverio is that functionality built into the device handler and smartapp from that keypad thread?

This is as far as I’ve gotten.

Bought the touchpad tonight, it works amazing to change the alarm state and as a visual indicator, thank you all so much for the suggestion. Is there any way to have the keypad beep when the doors or windows are opened? It seems to be possible with the iris hub…

Yeah, the device handler (centralite) and smartapp that I use are in one of those threads. Have some patience when you set it up, because I had a little issue when setting it up the second one (as did others)…for some reason it can sometimes take 15-30 minutes for it to accept the codes you input (for whatever reason, regardless of how many times you try or pull the batteries).

Yeah, i got the codes working, and had the same experience. for the first 10-15 minutes it would just blink between the three bottom buttons, but now it works great. Just got to figure out the open/close beeps and it’ll be perfect.

Good luck with the open/close beeps as I have seen a lot of interest in this feature, but no success yet. If you do figure it out, definitely share.