I am getting an error code when adding a device to smartthings, what can I do?

I am getting error codes like E100-300 when adding my Samsung washing machine to smartthings app. what do these error codes mean?

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These don’t match any Error Code format I’m familiar with. If you provide a screenshot of the Error Code received, I can probably tell you what it means.

In general, I would recommend contacting Samsung/SmartThings Support as they do have a defined list of Error Codes as well. They can be reached at Support@SmartThings.com or possibly via phone depending on your region.

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05-300 is a failure to enter/connect to the Access Point (AP) provided by the device (in this case Washing Machine’s AP).

Try power cycling the phone, the Washing Machine, Reset Washing Machine, Airplane mode with WiFi on (or disable cell data) for phone, or use a different phone and try again would be my advice.

If you need more help, please contact Support@SmartThings.com.

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