Smartthings error code "07-005"

Can’t add tv to smart things, I get error 07-005

Hey there! @Jovan_Cvetkovic, Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile: I’m sorry to hear that your having issues on-boarding your Samsung TV to Smart Things.

Thank you for providing me with the error code that you are receiving, can you additionally provide me with the below information?

  1. Connection Type you are attempting(Ethernet, Wifi) and The Model code of your television which can be found in the Menu → Support → Contact Samsung and it will display your product’s information. Find your Samsung TV's model number and menu information.

  2. Have you already performed a reset of the Television and double-checked that the TV and your phone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and are both signed in to the same Samsung account?

  3. Have you tried alternative methods to onboard your Television such as by Model code and Scanning for nearby devices?
    Additionally here is an article for adding by device type: Connect a Samsung Smart TV in the SmartThings app

If you continue to receive the error message, I would recommend creating a Support ticket so we can look into your concerns further. You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


I have recently got the same problem. It has been working fine for months now the app stops working. So I deleted the device from smartthings app and tried to add it back in and now it wont connect. I get the error 07-005

I am on the latest software update & it connects using WiFi


I have got the same problem here. Trying Ethernet and WiFi with the same router get se same issue.

When scanning the QR code on the tv to register on the app, it says the QR code is not supported.
When scanning for nearby devices, the app recognises the TV, however the registration process is interrupted with the error code 07-005.

TV code model : UE58TU6905KXXC - Crystal UHD 58TU6905, SMART TV
Serie : 0GXP3HBNC06121K

It looks like the reason is in the latest firmware 2101.2.
I found a pattern that U-series TVs of different models were no longer available for control in SmartThings, and when trying to initially set up the TV through SmartThings after a reset, the user receives an error 07-005 or 07-007 and the TV can only be configured from the remote control. All these TVs have one thing in common: they have the same firmware version 2101.2.
The release time of the firmware just coincides with the beginning of problems in the form of the inability to control TV through SmartThings.
Samsung needs to release a patched version of the firmware.

Please, everyone who has a similar problem - write the TV model and firmware version.

Same problem on the Frame 32" QN32LS03TBFXZA

I called their support and they assured me it is a problem with my Pixel 3 XL… and my Wife’s ThinQ40. But an iPhone or Samsung will work no problem. That makes absolutely no sense. Sounds like bad firmware to me.

I didn’t buy a $600 32" screen for fun. I want the ability to show art and my photos.

I am factory resetting and giving it a go.

Is this account going to follow up here? @SamsungZell

@serg_s5 I can confirm that this firmware is still 2101.

Yes, the problem is 100% in the firmware. Resetting to factory settings will not help. Make a claim to Samsung that there is a bug in the firmware that does not allow you to control your TV through SmartThings. I made a request to technical support that there is an error in the firmware. I don’t know how seriously they will fix the bug. So far, I received only an answer from technical support: “Your TV is online, we do not see any problems, write when your TV is offline.” You write that it is not controlled now, at any time. Again the same answer. And so in a circle. @samsungzell - help solve the problem.

Hey there! @Daniel_Maher, @serg_s5 Thank you for providing this detailed information. I completely understand your frustration.

When you receive the error code 07-005 while onboarding the device, Do you see a (?) at the bottom that is clickable? This should provide you with troubleshooting steps to attempt to resolve the onboarding issue.

You mentioned Non-Samsung devices are being used to onboard the devices. Unfortunately, Samsung devices may not have desired functionality or compatibility when used with Non-Samsung products. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

I have reached out to the team in regards to this concern, it is still recommended to create a support ticket with your attached error logs with a support team in your area in the meantime to track the concerns.

You can reach out directly to a support team in your area using the below information:

US: 1-866-813-2404
UK support 0333 0000333

I hope this message finds you well!


Yes, this is likely an issue with the latest update.
Had the T.V. Connected to smart things for a while. A little while ago it kept showing as “offline” in the smart things app.
I removed the device and now when I try to re add it. The smart things app sees the device, but then gives error code: 07-005

And yes it’s connected to the same Wi-Fi, I reset etc.

App on Samsung Note 10+
T.v.: UN65TU7000FXZA
Software version: T-KTSU2AKUC-2101.0

I get error 07-007.
The “?” no. I contacted the support service of my region (Russia). They told me that they did not know what this error means and what ways to fix it exist. That is, the user must guess what he needs to do to eliminate this error.
You can also read more about the problem in another thread:
I have been talking with Samsung support for my region for 3 months. There is no solution to the problem. I sent logs from SmartThings, to which they answered me: send the logs from the program, and not from the TV. Well, so I sent the logs from the application.
Regarding third-party devices used for connection: with the same phone, router and Internet provider, everything worked fine before. So, that’s not the point.
Also, in the post above @george_santillean says he’s using a Samsung Note 10+ device to connect and gets the same error. The firmware version is only slightly different. But perhaps this error exists in it. In a word, the problem is not isolated and requires a solution.
And users want to get an answer from support, a solution with a clear algorithm, and not another unsubscribe. Perhaps the solution is still making changes to the firmware.
I have a previous version of the firmware with which there were no problems. But, it is not possible to install it, since Samsung prohibits downgrade firmware. This requires service firmware 0000, which I do not have. If there was such a firmware, I could install the previous version of the firmware and say with accuracy whether the firmware is the issue.

I have 3 Samsung TVs that were connected to Smartthings, but I haven’t used Smartthings for some time. I upgraded to a Pixel 6 Pro a couple of days ago and noticed that the smarthings could no longer connect, so I deleted the devices and tried to re-add them. Now I can’t get any of the TVs to connect to Smarthings. I can start the process, but it just doesn’t get beyond ‘registering your device’. They are on the same wifi and the process starts fine, it just gets stuck when trying to register. And I did get the 07-005 error code once.

@James_Halprin write the model and firmware numbers of your 3 TVs

These are the model numbers, how do I check the firmware version?

32-inch UA32T5300AWXXY
43-inch UA43TU8000WXXY
55 inch UA55RU8000WXXY

Settings - Support - About this TV


32-inch UA32T5300AWXXY - T-KTS2UABC-2101.1
43-inch UA43TU8000WXXY - T-NKLUABC-2101.0, BT - S
55 inch UA55RU8000WXXY - T-MSMUABC-1392.0

I hope this might help… I got the same problem. It was working for a while then it kept saying the Samsung au8000 tv was offline, which it obviously wasn’t. So I removed the tv from smartthings and tried adding it again. It found it but failed to register giving the 07-005 error code. After finding these posts I’d lost hope. But I thought I’d try one more thing… I removed it again and this time, rather than telling smartthings that it was a tv I was adding, I just scanned for devices (any device) then when it found the tv I went through the steps then it showed a pin code on the tv. Smartthings asked to enter the pin. And now it works. No error.

Thanks @Roger_Cox , at this stage I’ve wasted too much time trying to resolve the issue on behalf of Samsung :slight_smile: I noticed I was logged out of my Samsung accounts on my TVs, so I relogged in but still no joy. I’ve deleted the TVs from my Samsung account and trying re-adding them, no luck. I’m running the most recent software on my TVs and the latest Smarthings app. I’ve made sure the TVs and app are on the same wifi. I made sure the app and TVs are logged in to the same Samsung account. This is clearly an issue for Samsung to fix.