Hunter SimpleConnect and SmartThings

(Brian D) #21

I am not currently a Smart Hub owner, but this single feature is the biggest challenge I currently have with my smart home. I have 7 fans in my home, only 2 of which have separate wiring for the fans and lights. The SimpleConnect device would be ideal, but if I can’t control it from my primary hub, it defeats the purpose of the smart home.

I am hoping Hunter or someone else will come up with a solution.


Sorry to wake the dead but I’m assuming nobody ever got this working? I’m new to ST with a v3 hub and 2 SimpleConnect fans that I’d love to tie in.

(Brian D) #23

I was able to get the 4 speed fan modules from Hunter. They are problematic because my fans are all 3 speed. I was able to connect one and use it with my Wink2 Hub, but it was problematic. I really wanted a physical switch as well, so I hardwired the lights portion to the switch and added hue lights with a Lutron Connected Bulb remote for the lights.