Help Needed - Hunter SimpleConnect AeroDyne Connectivity with Smartthings

I’ve just purchased one of these Hunter SimpleConnect Aerodyne fans which are wifi enabled and work with Alexa. (see: [Smart Ceiling Fan : Alexa and Google Compatible | Hunter Fan] ( Is there a way to integrate it with SmartThings? I tried using Alexa Virtual Switches but It lags a lot, and I can only turn the fan on or off.

Of course virtual switches lag due to cloud connection. And probably are the only way to control it via Smartthings. But you should be able to control more the device. At least that’s what Hunter’s web page says.

I can control the lights and fan speed in Alexa but not in smartthings. I am using the Alexa virtual switch to connect the fan to smartthings. Is there any other virtual switch i could use. I tried the virtual dimmer, but it doesnt come up in alexa’s routine.

You need multiple virtual switches. One switch for each speed that you want to utilize.

If you have a ST hub try @ygerlovin Edge virtual switches they might be a little quicker since they are local to you hub.

I was just working in this today. The problem I’m running into is I can’t sync the status from Alexa to smartthings since I can’t have an Alexa routine trigger off a device turning on or off.

Yes. i am facing the same issue, if there is a virtual dimmer switch which can be used as a trigger in Alexa, i am guessing this can be solved. Currently i am using two virtual switches, one for turning the fan on at 100 percent power and other for turning the fan off.

The best you can do is to get 1 way integration from ST to Alexa to Hunter.

To get full speed control in ST you would need 4 virtual switches (with contact sensors). Each switch would trigger a speed control routine in Alexa.

Switch 1 - low speed & off
Switch 2 - medium speed & off
Switch 3 - medium-high speed & off
Switch 4 - high speed & off

If you wanted to get fancy you could also create a virtual dimmer in ST and with 5 ST routines you could control the 4 virtual switches and get complete speed and on/off control with 1 virtual device in ST.

But keep in mind that this is always going to be a one way integration. If you use the Hunter remote to change something, ST will not show that change.

Sample ST routine for high speed.