Hunter SimpleConnect and SmartThings

I’ve just purchased one of these Hunter SimpleConnect kits for my ceiling fan in my home office (see: Is there a way to integrate it with SmartThings? If not, anyone in the SmartThings developer community want to get creative and release an app for it?


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It’s Bluetooth based. Not possible to integrate directly with current Hub, but Hub v2 will have Bluetooth support.

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BTW, no internet control, no API, it’s just a direct connection.

The app only works while within range of the Bluetooth® Plug-in Controller. However, while within range, you can use the app to schedule events. Once events are scheduled, your fan and lights will operate automatically even while you are away.

Yep, Looks like Hunter fans does not expose their API. Email them and ask them to expose it :wink:

Got it. Thanks for the info!

I’ve hunted them down on Twitter and asked for an API. Between the v2 Hub and an API from them, there’d probably be a way to remotely pull it off in ST eventually. Would be fun.


Hopefully someone works this out for when Hub V2.0 comes out and the enable Bluetooth

Anyone have any luck connecting this to the new hub?

Any updates regarding this product being intergrated with Smartthings hub v2?

I just picked up one of the Hunter SimpleConnect devices myself and am also interested in experimenting with it a bit in hopes of getting it tied in to SmartThings.

As a start, I downloaded a copy of the SimpleConnect app for Android and decompiled it back down to Java source code. I’m very please to say, though surprised, that the code is not at all obfuscated and completely legible! I’ve already created an Eclipse project out of the decompiled source and will probably publish a Git repo once I have resolved the build dependencies and such for anyone else interested in hacking on it in parallel.

My plan is strip out all of the Android/UII related functionality and just expose a Java API that allows control of SimpleConnect commands that could then be used for control integration.

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That’s awesome! Please keep us posted on your progress. I have one of these fan controllers myself and would be happy to help test in the future.

Could you kindly share on Github or share your repo if you’ve already done so?

Any update?


I have a designer fan that I want to connect to ST. The Hunter SimConnect would work great with this fan if Francis could get the code written. Glad to support the effort if it might help :slight_smile:

Sorry guys, got busy and set this aside for the moment, but I’ll get back to it sooner or later and update when there is something going.

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Has there been any update on this? I would love it if this would work.

I don’t think this device is really going anywhere fast in terms of SmartThings. I’m eagerly awaiting this device to actually become available and in stock.

Hunter fans have a Simpleconnect app for iOS. Would it not be possible for someone to write an IFTTT connect for SmartThings and SimpleConnect? Anyone know how to do that?

As far as I know the Hunter app only communicates locally via bluetooth so there is no cloud connection for IFTTT to communicate with.

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Hi there – hoping someone has made some progress with Fan control. It’s absolutely unbelievable that no one has created a device for this as yet. There’s a gigantic gap in the smart home, and while things like SimpleConnect START to solve that, they don’t realize they need to be part of the bigger community.

@fbrennan – any luck on your reverse compiled edition? I’m not sure what kind of system you were imagining that to run on (maybe something running Java with a bluetooth adapter?) to connect to it.

An interesting feature idea would be writing API code to download to the SmartThings hub running in a separate memory space so as not to allow contamination of the existing core that introduces new features and allows connection to new types of devices without requiring ST to do all the work themselves. I’m relatively new to the community, so I’ve not seen any options for anything like that, especially with Bluetooth devices where IFTTT isn’t an option.

Thoughts? I’ve half a mind to go develop a hardware device to do this via Zigbee or one of the other protocols. I’ve got a hardware team who can have this ready in 6 weeks, if there was enough interest, but if there really is something coming or something that works without 1000 leaps between systems, I’d rather use that than build something that only has a life of 1-2 years.