Hunter Brand Ceiling fan integration

I have two new Hunter ceiling fans that came with a remote control. Is it possible to integrate these into Smartthings? If so, someone point me in the right direction please.

not much chance of knowing without model# or pictures.

Typically ceiling fan wireless signals are incompatible with Zwave or ZigbeeHA 1.2

Maybe they can be bypassed to operate the fans with additional modules.

You might be able to replace the RF receiver that came with the fan with the Hampton bay wink-enabled receiver. There’s a few threads about that device here, or search the home depot website.

That receiver has both local RF control, and a zigbee radio.

Or you could look into Bond, which I’m pretty sure works with most RF receivers. They don’t have a SmartThings integration.

@ero4444 is right though, a model #, installation manual or pics would be helpful. Otherwise we’re just guessing.

well I have discovered that Hunter sells an item called Simple Connect that works with their fans to connect to apple homekit, alexa, and google

That’s a Bluetooth-based solution, so it won’t work directly with SmartThings.

And you still need to wire the receiver into the fan canopy.

If I were gonna replace the receiver in the fan canopy, I’d stick with a zigbee-based solution so I could control it directly with ST.

Edit: actually now that I think about it, you may not have to replace the receiver in the ceiling canopy if you already have one in there.

The Bluetooth part of it is so your phone can communicate with the plug-in transmitter.

You would need to confirm that the receiver that’s already installed in your fan canopy and the receiver that comes as a part of that Bluetooth-based solution operate on the same frequency though.

I would still favor the zigbee-based solution, even if I had to replace the receiver in the fan canopy, since it would provide direct control by ST.

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I would prefer the zigbee solution also. What is a good device for that…Me just being too lazy to search for it…

search “King of Fans Zigbee” or possibly “Hampton Zigbee”

I have been looking at the Hampton Bay. I believe that I will try that route on one of my fans.