Hue Tap Switch

Has anyone played with this yet? I was in the Apple Store yesterday and they had them on the shelf but I am concerned it won’t integrate with ST and will just be a controller for the Bulbs on their own.

Plus right now I would rather spend the money on new bulbs but until ST fixes the terrible issue related to adding in new bulbs which means I have to delete all my associated smart apps I am holding off.

Not sure if anyone got to you on this, but the Hue patch has been applied and you can add bulbs on the fly. Finally. As far as Hue Tap, I’m still waiting as well…

I’ve looked into implementing it, but the only way I see to access the Hue Tap button status is by polling the hub. This means the response would only be as frequent as the poll which we’re talking a minute or more for ST. I was going to implement a custom update, but unless I’m missing something it would require swapping out the current Hub Device type (not too hard) and the SmartApp (hard if you don’t want to uninstall and reinstall). If ST upgrades their integration, it to be plug and play but still only in a polling mode which is not ideal.

If someone wants to look into it, there is a rules section that is similar to the lights section that would make it pretty easy to implement:

"rules": {
	"1": {
		"name": "Tap 2.1 Default",
		"owner": "4vKTwLQTEyG06lCt",
		"created": "2014-08-17T12:31:03",
		"lasttriggered": "2014-08-17T14:27:32",
		"timestriggered": 4,
		"status": "enabled",
		"conditions": [
				"address": "/sensors/2/state/buttonevent",
				"operator": "eq",
				"value": "34"
				"address": "/sensors/2/state/lastupdated",
				"operator": "dx"
		"actions": [
				"address": "/groups/0/action",
				"method": "PUT",
				"body": {
					"scene": "OFF-TAP-1"

I tried doing something with the “actions” section to get it to communicate outside the hub, but nothing seemed to work.

I bought two, they work absolutely wonderfully. Phillips really designed them well. They are instant, no lag at all. However, they of course only work with hue stuff, that is okay for me because all my bulbs are on that hub, but I know many here probably have more complicated setups.

Now for the downside, Smartthings still can’t seem to figure out how to manage hue bulbs when they are controlled anywhere else that is not Smarthings. It seems to me that they just need to run an “update” to the bulbs state every 5 seconds or so, but until that happens using the tap’s effectively ruin any integration with Smartthings.

I’m not seeing that. My smartapps all still work for the Hues after the tap is used?

Thanks @FullMetalNick will have to go and get another Hue to test this out!

The Tap’s I am pretty keen on looking at getting a couple but would be great if we can use them as a switch/controller for anything in ST not just the Hue bulbs as I now have a large number of the new GE bulbs in the system or about to be!

Sorry, my post was about using Hue Taps as general purpose switches in ST and not just for controlling Hue bulbs. They should work great for controlling Hue directly as designed which does not affect ST.

I would love to see them integrated generally into ST!

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I do like the Tap, but it’s finicky for me at times for direct Hue control. Often takes a couple presses to get it right, particularly for the smaller buttons.

I put my hue tap on my junk HA device list. The only real advantage is that you can move it around, but other than that, it really sucks!

After several months, was anybody able to pair the Hue Tap directly with Smartthings? I’d love to use this as a switch for all Smartthings devices.
Also if directly paired with Smartthings, the lights status would update immediately.

very good question @tslagle13 posted on another thread that he is waiting to get one but I cant see anyone being able to integrate it … @tslagle13 any progress?


Any updates on the pairing hue tap with Smartthings app?

Just notice this post after purchased the hue tap.