Phillips Hue and Smart Things

(Manuel Loureiro Jr ) #1

Hi guys I already sent a msg to smart thing to get my hub update to make work with my phillips hue bridge my hub was updated even my phillips hue bridge asked autorization to use smart things. But after that even on IOS 7 or Android 4.3 or 4.2 I can not add any button or control my lights on ST App I can see the bridge was added but When I hit the gear icon there no option to add functions.


(Gene Kendrick) #2

I had to get the update on my Hue hub before I could get it to work. I did not need an update on Smartthings. Make sure to add Hue app in Smartthings lab. Works fine now for me.

(Manuel Loureiro Jr ) #3


But how did you update the bridge? I Logged on the Phillips hue portal I can see my bridge firmware version which is 01008227 but there is not option to update last week I logged and it asked me to let use ST hub and say ok that is it.

(Tommy Rayburn) #4

Just confirming, so I will need the Hue Hub as well or can ST speak to the bulbs directly?

(Gilbert Villanueva) #5

I wish to echo Tommy’s question do i need the Hue hub or can i control hue lights directly through my ST hub?

Gil V

(Jay Adkins) #6

The hue bridge is not technically required however it is recommended that you not connect hue bulbs directly to the ST Hub as there is currently no way to un-pair them. Supposedly a fix for that is coming but no timeframe.
Additionally, connecting to the hue bridge ensures that you have local control of your lights should the smarthings service go down.
Search the forums for hue bulbs and you will find many folks addressing the same or similar issues. Have fun!

(Michael Langkilde) #7

Where are there instructions(steps) on how to connect the Philips hue hub to ST?

(Michael Langkilde) #8

Nevermind I was able to figure out how to do it but using the smartthings labs

(Travis Prall) #9

any idea how to update the hue bridge?