Hue Skill broken with Alexa? (August 2023)

Does anyone have information regarding the recent breakage between Alexa and Hue? All ability to control Hue lights have stopped working for me. I know I’m not the only one as there a bunch of new negative comments to the Hue Skill ratings section from people having the same problem.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved:

Mine are working fine, but they are all hue brand bulbs (no third party, no Wiz) connected through a hue bridge.

I can control them with “lights on” using a control group, or as individual lights, and change the dim level. I didn’t try color changing – – I’ll do that later today.

I have not seen a major uptick in trouble reports on any forum. There are a few reports under the Hue skill, but not a lot more than usual. a dozen or so people in two weeks saying they can no longer link the two accounts. Obviously, it’s happening to multiple people, but not apparently a large percentage of users. :thinking:

The one trick I have seen over the years, for what it’s worth, is try powering off the echo device itself, and leave it off for at least one minute. For reasons which probably have to do with synchronization, particularly when there has been a recent skill update, this will sometimes fix some problems that even disabling and enabling the skill won’t.

And just to be sure… Are you talking about devices exposed to Alexa through SmartThings? Or through the native Hue/Alexa integration?

And, yeah, I realize that sounded like typical helpline advice. But I have seen more than one person say that nothing worked until they took the echo device itself off power briefly. :man_shrugging:t2:

Actually no, these are Hue devices that are supposed to be directly integrated with Alexa through the Hue skill.

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