Echo/Alexa Skill Issue

Hi Guys, I have had an Echo/Alexa for ages now and did have the SmartThings Skill enabled but I recently had some issues with itemd duplicating and eventually brought the new Echo Spot which again I’ve been using for a few days and a similar issue has cropped up (this isn’t my issue though). I removed the SmartThings Skill and have been trying to enable it again but when I put my details in I keep ending up on page and it saying something went wrong. Also error 500 internal server error.

Just wondering if this is just me or anyone have this issue? I’m not sure if it’s anything to do with the firmware update?

Typical… after trying many many times it’s not decided to work. Still would love to know what the issue was.

Did you check the status page? There’s been a major platform outage today.

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Thanks :slight_smile: it appears that’s only a North American issue. As the skill finally enabled it’s showing all of my Hue bulbs which Alexa also knows those from the Hue skil so have doubles but the one’s shown via SmartThings all show offline yet the one’s shown via the Hue skill are fine so something still isn’t right.

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