Hue Lightstrips in Kitchen. Couple of n00b questions

I’m looking to add some under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen and want it to play nicely with SmartThings and Alexa etc. I’m looking at the Hue Light Strips to run along the plints to illuminate our newly laid tile floor but just wanted to clarify a couple of things from those that already have them.

Am I right in thinking I need to purchase:

The light strip itself (
Extensions x X (
The Bridge (

Is this all I need to purchase?
And can I use any extension kit or do I need a specific one for the Lightstrip Plus LED Kit?

Any help on this would be great before I waste a lot of money potentially :smiley:


Your list is complete… However, there are cheaper alternatives to the Hue light strips that are compatible with both ST and Alexa and work as well as Hue does. Not that I am against Hue (I have a large Hue ecosystem myself), but it’s always good to know your options. :slight_smile:

(I see you have UK sites listed, so I’m assuming you are in the UK, but I think these are available there as well)

OSRAM (Sylvania) light strips are $59 at Amazon and the extensions are $21 for 4’ (2x2’ strips).

You could also go with Xiaomi light strips and use custom DTHs in ST.

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