New Aeotec Zwave Plus LED strip now shipping

Brighter (5,000 lm) and twice as long (197"), and costing somewhat less per foot than the price of a standard Hue LED strip, and also submersible (the strip, not its power supply) The new Aeotec LED strip may fit some use cases, particularly where you want a long run.

Thanks for making me aware of this new LED light strip!

Aeotec LED strip is ~$140 for 197".
Hue equivalent setup would be ~$168. Hue LED Strip is ~$90 and 80" long + extensions available ~$26 for 40" extensions (so need 3X extension to get total setup of 200").

As for brightness, output of 5,000lm for Aeotec is entire length of 197" strip, so appears to technically be ~20% brighter than Hue (tough to truly measure as both advertised lm at max brightness of different color temps).

Now comes the debate… which to finally go with for under cabinet lighting, Aeotec, Hue or Sylvania Osram. Anyone have any feedback? Thinking best may be to stick with Hue since already have 7 Hue Gen 2 bulbs.

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I have both the Hue light strips and the Osram light strips. For under cabinet lighting, high brightness didn’t really factor in for me as I have other bulbs in my kitchen, so I put the Osram under my cabinets and the Hue strips under my bed.

I’m also looking at getting a few of these. I don’t know if anyone has built a DTH or smartapp for it yet (I found some threads this morning on the Xiaomi Yeelight, but nothing for the light strips yet). The price is awesome for a 6.5’ strip. Even if I can’t get it working in ST, I read that they do work directly with Alexa (which is how I control most of the stuff in my house anyhow).

Did you buy them for Prime day? The price was down to $24. I picked one up jsut to play with it.

Nope. I was going to, but my wife had other ideas for Prime Day. LOL They are still sitting in my cart though at $29.99.

Hi @JDRoberts, do you know if they are compatible with ST? Does they need a specific device handler?


I’m also interested in these.
If there’s no DTH at the moment, I wonder how much effort it would take to write one. Maybe time to put my programming skills to something useful.