LED Lightstrips

I have a hue lightstrip for my kitche, but i was looking at other cheaper options that have less functionality for different parts of my house? I was planning to use a Z-wave switch to turn them on and off, but does anyone have an experience w/ the Osram ones or others?

I have the osram in the kitchen on one side and they work just fine with ST. In fact going to add on to cover all of the under counter lighting I like it that much.

I use thes lights with a dimmer and they work quite well. They are very bright. They are thicker than typical LED rope lights but seems more sturdy.

@celblazer Which device type did you use for it? Do I need to install one? What do you think of the color compared to the Hue lightstrips?

Can’t compare to Hue don’t own any but we are happy with the color and brightness. Each cabinet had an old small fluorescent tube under and these are much brighter in white mode and bright enough in color.

Using this device handler,

The CRI on these is probably terrible.

What’s the desired use case? Yuji International makes great strips that tender light well. Mean Well HGL power supplies will last, not catch fire, and are energy efficient. I use the dual color temp strips + an amber strip to provide great light thru out the day.

This thread is a little dated but may help:

I have the osram ones behind a mirror in the master bath for a neat back lighting effect. They work great