Hue Lights not reporting status accuratley

This one is driving me mad.

When I first setup my hue bridge and lights on my ST hub everything worked perfectly. When the lights were on the app showed a green ‘on indicator’ light and status reporting was almost instant.

For some reason now when the lights are on the ‘on’ indicator is blue and status can be hit and miss.

In the ST app the smart hub is listed although the text is orange as is the status screen, is this normal?

I have tried deleting everything, doing a hard reset and then setting it back up again but I still end up with the blue ‘on’ indicators

Any ideas?

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The blue indicators just showed up today for some users, but only for devices that have color wheels. I think once you have them you have them.

@lars might know more.

That would explain it, although it’s confusing why some on switches are green and some are now blue. It’s also not helpful that the hub itself is orange as it looks like it has a problem.

@slagle can we get release notes on this one? :sunglasses:

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Same here. Confused the hell out of me, particularly when my hues stopped working for ten minutes. I thought something had broken and the different colour icon was a symptom of this

All of my Hue lights stopped working properly about 2 days ago. In the Hue app they all show as “light may be unreachable” (red circle & exclamation mark).

The lights still turn on & off manually, but the Hue hub can’t control them, so neither can SmartThings or my Amazon Echo (which I only have use SmartThings to control them through anyway).

I did briefly get the lights working again this morning after multiple reboots of the Hue hub and attempts to change the ZigBee channel…but they only worked for a few minutes until they all went “offline” again.

Everything has been working fine for about 3-4 weeks, so it’s very strange that this problem has started to occur. If it were a distance issue, I’d’ve expected the problem to occur immediately.

Very strange. I’ve been getting some attempts at help via the Hue Facebook page, but no solution.

Mine have gone back to being green icons again now - bizarre