Bedroom light came on "on its own" - ideas please?

Hi all,

Our bedroom light came on at 06.50 today. The only automation I have that could do that is a routine that turns on the bedroom light if our front door opens in the night; but that deactivates earlier than 06.50. So, I don’t have any automation that would turn on the light.

Any ideas from anyone as to how to look into this? The event log in Smartthings is pasted below but the source is only listed as DEVICE which doesn’t really help. There is nothing in the Google Assistant logs that suggests it sent the command. I don’t have webcore running yet (but is installed).

Name Value
archivable true

“microDeviceTile”: {
“type”: “standard”,
“icon”: “”,
“backgroundColor”: “#00A0DC

date 2017-12-28 6:50:26.002 AM GMT (2017-12-28T06:50:26.002Z)
description Our Bedroom Light switch is on
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Our Bedroom Light
name switch
translatable true
unixTime 1514443826002
value on
viewed false

Is this a Hue bulb connected using a Hue Bridge?

If “eventSource” is correct, then this was initiated by the Hue Bridge (perhaps the Hue App, or something talking to the Hue Bridge like Google Assistant).

Yes, it is a Hue RGB Bulb connected to a Hue Bridge!

Right, so how do I look into this in the Hue Bridge? Since connecting the Hue Bridge to Smartthings I have lost all control of the devices in the Hue Bridge app so it just shows Account, Bridge and Apps info (assume this is normal?)… Do I need to unlink my bridge to see if a routine is running in Hue, stop it and then re-link?

You should still have full control of your lights in the Hue App; connecting Hue Bridge to SmartThings does not disconnect them from regular Hue App access.

There’s even a web page for your bridge; but I don’t know if it logs anything.

To isolate if your Bridge has activated the light, then, indeed, disconnect it from SmartThings for a while. Uninstall the Hue Bridge Connect SmartApp etc.

Many thanks and I will give it a try this morning!

The issue with me thinking I cannot control lights through Hue after connecting with my Smartthings is that Hue has two apps and I was using the “Hue Account” app not the “Hue controller” app! Anyway, I have not had a recurrence since.

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