Hue bulb turns on very dim

I put a hue bulb in a lamp in my bedroom and its doing something weird. When
I go to sleep I shut it off with smartthings. It shuts completely off and all is well. In the morning when I wake up the bulb is turned on but super dim (maybe about 5%, if that) but smartthings says it’s completely off.

Why the heck is it turning itself on?

It’s also not just at night. If I turn it off when I am
Home during the day on the weekend and the. Come back a few hours later, it is always back on very dim.

Log into your Hue dashboard. I’m betting it is one of the native Hue routines or something that is turning it on at sunrise or something. Since you say it happens in the morning. If ST app shows it as off, chances are it is NOT an ST thing turning it on.

I would normally think that too but I just bought the hue kit and I don’t have any routines set up in the hue app yet.

Hue likes to auto load routines. They will not show in the app either only in your Hue dashboard.
I never use any of the Hue scenes or routines. It used to drive me nuts because every hub update would reload and turn on the standard scenes.

So I checked my hue app and also logged into my hue account via their website and I don’t have any routines for any lights set up there.

What’s weird is that it doesn’t seem t be at any certain time of day. Basically regardless of the tie of day, if I have my lamp turned on, and turn off the hue bulb from my phone, within a couple hours, I come back and the bulb is on dim.

What’s even weirder is that when this happens, none of my apps report it being on (hue ap, HomeKit or smartthings)

That obviously has evidence leaning towards Gremlins or possibly a poltergeist being responsible .

Haha I was think it was a possible poltergeist.

But seriously though, anybody have any ideas what is going on?