Hue integration stopped working (27 June 2019)

Hey @Patricio_Antonio_Per - It looks like your SmartThings hub was having issues receiving SSDP/mDNS responses from your Hue bridge to get updated IP/port information. It should be good to go now, you should be able to control your Hue devices through SmartThings.

Just a note… There are some cloud related issues right now ( that may affect device health reporting of your devices so some of your Hue bulbs may still be showing offline. I took a quick peek at your hub logs and it looks like communication to the hue bridge is good. You should be able to control your bulbs even if they show offline and local automations (i.e. SmartLighting) will continue to work.

Let me know if you have any further issues.



Hello Barry! thank you for your support!
I’ve just checked from my office and I was able to turn on and off some of the Hue lights I have, all worked fine.

I hope the automations are working again also, I’ll check it tonight when I get home.

I’ll let you know if something’s not working.

Thank you again!

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