Hue integration stopped working (27 June 2019)

Hey @Patricio_Antonio_Per - It looks like your SmartThings hub was having issues receiving SSDP/mDNS responses from your Hue bridge to get updated IP/port information. It should be good to go now, you should be able to control your Hue devices through SmartThings.

Just a note… There are some cloud related issues right now ( that may affect device health reporting of your devices so some of your Hue bulbs may still be showing offline. I took a quick peek at your hub logs and it looks like communication to the hue bridge is good. You should be able to control your bulbs even if they show offline and local automations (i.e. SmartLighting) will continue to work.

Let me know if you have any further issues.



Hello Barry! thank you for your support!
I’ve just checked from my office and I was able to turn on and off some of the Hue lights I have, all worked fine.

I hope the automations are working again also, I’ll check it tonight when I get home.

I’ll let you know if something’s not working.

Thank you again!

Hi all. At some point, I’ll say in the last few weeks, my Hue and ST hub disappeared from my ST app. I noticed the ST hub two days ago when adding new Z Wave Kwikset devices. I added the ST hub again. This morning I noticed all of my Hue lights were offline and then noticed the Hue Hub wasn’t there anymore either. I just added the Hue Hub back and all of my lights are still offline. It says they are still connected to the ST Hub. The lights are connected and working fine in my Hue App. Any suggestions? Thanks.

I am having the same problem a couple of days ago. I deleted and re-added my philips hue to ST and none of the bulbs were showing. It fixed itself yesterday but then it happened again today. The Hue app works perfectly so its just ST not working.

Have you contacted SmartThings support?

@TonyFleisher I just joined ST community so apologies but I can’t find where to submit an issue on the support page. I also can’t see where to DM @posborne as occasionally instructed on this topic.

For those having issues, do you have a hue bridge?

It seems there is an issue with the bridge-less integration at the moment. I believe if you select “Philips Hue with SmartThings Hub” when adding the devices, you can circumvent this issue.

In terms of reporting an issue or requesting help, you can do so in the app via Help --> Report a Problem or

I have a bridge and was working for a few months. It suddenly turn off line pls help

My HA-Bridge is offline again. It was running fine with smartthings on HTTPS, but now looking in IDE I see that it is trying to use port 80 again. What is it looking at that it does not try 443 and wants to use 80?

Update: I was advised by the ST helpdesk that ST does not support 443 (which we know is false), hopefully Barry is back on this thread to correct these issues.

is this still/again a problem with HA Bridge? I wanted to try to use HA bridge again for some dumb smart devices.

I am having this problem as of this morning with a physical hue bridge also. Can control lights fine via hue app but bridge is offline in ST.

I have an official hue hub with smartthings wifi and my hue hub shows offline in both classic and new smartthings app. Oddly, I still can control half of my lights, but the other half shows offline and unresponsive. Everything works fine in the hue app. Please help!

Hi @Zaiden: Your Hue bridge and bulbs should be back online now. If you are still having issues send me a DM I’ll take a deeper dive at your hub.

Same problem - Hue integration stopped working on the SmartThings WiFi Hub v3 update that just rolled out - not cool, doesn’t Samsung test primary integrations before deploying?!

Well love updates. I use tasmota on 20 devices some i have to use the hue Emulation on some devices to work right with Alexa and ST . I forgot exactly how long ago it was maybe last year St broke it with and update well you broke it again with last nights update. Its asking me to hit the button on the bridge but tasmota hue is virtual no button LOL. well maybe you’ll unbreak it next update.

The past 2 or 3 days my automation has not been working for some lights. I have power cycled both the WiFi Hub and Hue hub to no avail. After researching tonight, it seems I am not alone in this recent development. What was done and what do I need to revert this back to normal?

Thank you Barry! Everything is working again!

Yes sir! Barry helped me as well. Rock star!

Hi Barry, I have also lost HUE to ST connectivity. Hue works fine stand alone and with Google. Changes recently was a second ST Hub and installed a few Aeotec dimmers (not sure if this is relevant).

I can see Hue hub and lights in IDE but its off line, i have tried but unsuccessfully to pair the hue bridge back to ST Hub.

You seemed to have assisted a few people with this problem… Can you assist or point me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance, Darian

BTW im in Australia if that’s relevant

Hi Barry,

I have also lost the ability to control most of my hue lights. As they have been reporting offline. This started 3 days ago and I have rebooted the router/hue bridge (square v2), SmartThings hub on multiple occasions but to no avail.

Are you able to assist me too in fixing this problem.