Hue integration stopped working (27 June 2019)

Hello, I am another one who has the Hue hub reporting offline for the last few days. Lights all still working inHue app, just not ST. Is there a (simple) fix available, or can it be fixed by ST?

thanks in advance

@Mango and @Maccaisking - Your Hue bridges are back online. Feel free to send me a DM if you continue see issues.


That was very fast, thanks so much. If it goes off again is there a fix I can implement?

Thank you so much. I’ve checked ST and it’s definitely working.
Anything we can do from our end if it happens again so that we don’t keep annoying you lolz.

Cheers again,

My Hue hub/lights also stopped working. I suppose ST Support has to manually fix it?

My my hue lights stopped working with my smartthings app. They work perfectly fine in the hue app. Please help! I’m not super tech savvy. So you might have to dumb it down for me.

I’m having the same problem. I’m unable to control my hue lights from the SmartThings app, but I can via the Hue app. I’ve tried resetting both hubs.

Hi Barry, I’m having a similar issue. Woke up a Week or two ago and my hue hub and all bulbs/light strips/hue go/hue calla were offline. Reset the hue bridge which appears connected, but none of the lights are controllable by SmartThings. I’ve also power cycled the SmartThings hub, the hue hub, the switch, my router, with no luck. The lights still work in the hue app, and through google home, just fine. I have an Australian v3 hub. Please help?

Hi Barry, I am not sure how to DM you but my hue connection is down. Can you please take a look at it for me? @BarryA

any update or news on the tasmota hue emulator latest patch form 2 weeks ago killed it . Major issues with out it not updating switch state when switch is triggered manually .
of topic any body now if there is a way to intergrade knx into ST could use that instead of hue.

Hi Barry, any news on tasmota hue emulation. I thought i read you might set one up and see what the issue was.
ps when/are is st going to have mqtt as a native integration would make life a lot easier.

I seem to be having a similar issue. Around December all my hue bulbs suddenly stopped responding via smartthings. I was hoping updates would fix the issue, but nothing has. I have removed and re-added the bridge multiple times using two different hubs and each time the bridge connects fine, finds most of the bulbs, but the bulbs always show offline. Are there any updates on a fix for this? Is there a way to fix this myself?
Thanks in advance for any assistance.