Hue Devices Not Working Correctly

Hi guys. I’ve searched around, but haven’t found this specific issue.

In the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed that none of my automations that include Hue bulbs are working correctly. I have an automation to turn devices on at sunset and that seems to work correct. However, anything that I don’t manually turn off will not turn off by automation at sunrise. I have checked all settings and nothing has changed. This just started happening within the last couple of weeks.

I went into all of my Hue bulbs in the ST app and under recently they constantly say they are going offline and then immediately back online. I have reset everything and still no fix. I have 7 Hue bulbs and all are acting erratic. All bulbs are close to the routers because I have a mesh system.

This could be difficult to troubleshoot. So are the hue bulbs connected directly to the ST hub or through a Hue bridge? Have you assigned a static IP# to the bridge (if applicable)? Have you rebooted your router, st hub and hue bridge? Have you tried changing your zigbee channel on the hue bridge to make sure their is no interference between router zigbee, st hub channel and hue?

Again, this issue might be difficult to troubleshoot so highly recommended that you call ST support and speak to a support rep and let them look into the issue.

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If you are using the Hue bridge, you might use the hue app to check for software updates for your bridge and lights. There have been some significant improvements over the last year or so.

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Thanks for the response. The Hue hub is connected directly to the router. I have reset all devices and still getting the same thing. I recently changed the zigbee channel on the Hue and still having problems. I just changed the channel again. The bulbs don’t seem to be losing connection with the Hue hub, it seems that ST is reporting that the bulbs are disconnected when they are not and interfering with the automations at sunrise.

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All of my devices are up to date.

The hue bulbs getting marked offline is done by device health and is usually caused by the hue bridge reporting them as unreachable. Have you recently moved the hue bridge or lights? (Also verify that someone isn’t turning the physical switches off and on.)

As @jkp said, you probably should contact support as they can see things that are not exposed to regular users.

There are a couple things you can try, if you haven’t already:

  1. Unplug hue bridge for about 30 minutes (leave all lights powered), then plug back in and see if problem is resolved. This can force the lights to establish new routes, which might help.
  2. Make sure your hue bridge is at least 3m away from any other 2.4ghz radios (this would include ST hub, wifi router, etc.)

I am not sure what you mean here. If the bulbs are connected with the hue bridge, the hue system established it’s own mesh on a separate zigbee network from the ST devices, so the issue is how far the lights are from the hue bridge and other hue lights.