Hue control

Ever since the update to labs and hue I have not been able to control my hue lights. Do I need to uninstall all my devices and reinstall them? This is sort of a pain as there really is no way to remove multiple devices easily. Any thoughts?

this happened to me as well, interested if there is any other option other than uninstalling things?

This happened to me too and what I did was go back into the Hue Connect tile and wait like 20 seconds and then reselect the Hue Bridge, went to the next page where all my lights were still there and clicked done. Just needed to reconnect probably because it had a new IP.

Tried that myself right after the update. Didn’t work. Also I know it couldn’t be that my Smartthings hub had a new IP as I have it set up for DHCP reserve addresses so it always gets the same IP address when my router or my hub reboot. I have that for almost everything that I can as far as home automation stuff and desktops at the house including the sonos’ (sonosi, sonoses, ?) IP cams or anything else that is stationary at home.

I actually had to make sure I could connect with the Hue app first, then I did these steps a couple times. Didn’t seem to work on my Android phone but did on my iPad. Hope this helps!