Hue Integration Stopped Working - How to Reconnect?

A few months ago, my SmartThings stopped working with Hue all together. I cannot control any of my lights from the app and none of my automation/tasks work with the lights anymore. I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to investigate why.

Does anyone know how to re-pair the system? I have over 15 lights, so I would hate to have to delete every light, SmartApp and Hello, Home action that uses them, just to repair and re-setup. Is there an easy way to get them connected again without removing everything and starting from scratch?

The best thing is to contact, because there are some remote diagnostics they have access to that may help.

One thing you can try, which did work for me a couple of times, is to just open the Hue connect app and if it finds your bridge, just click done at the top right. That may be enough to get you reconnected.

If that doesn’t work, though, then yeah, they’re probably going to suggest removing everything and re-adding it. But see what they say.

I had the same issue in the last few days. In my case, it looks like after the last Hue firmware update, my Hue Bridge got a different DHCP IP address from my router than it previously had. For some reason, SmartThings refused to pick up on this new IP, even if I re-discovered the bridge. (I didn’t try deleting out all of the Hue devices and re-adding because having to do that would be stupid.)

i fixed mine my adding a static DHCP assignment for the Hue Bridge’s MAC address on my router to set it back to the IP that it was previously using. SmartThings can now control the Hue bulbs again.

I couldn’t see any way to update the IP address of the Hue Bridge manually in SmartThings (either in the mobile app or on the developer site. I saw the value in the ‘networkAddress’ field, but there was no option to edit it.

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Thanks for the info on that one after losing my router all my ip’s changed found with Hue if you check what it should be on the IDE it will give you the IP you need for a static route. another fault fixed thks