Hue (connect): Please upgrade hub


(Bobby) #1

I was trying to add a new hue bulb via the connect app and I was greeted with this screen when I opened the app. Does anyone know anything about this? I went to “my hub” and there is no option to “upgrade hub”.

(James) #2

I don’t recall where but other users have reported the same error. There are other reports that once you remove the Hue bridge you can’t currently add it back. They have noted that ST is aware of the problem. I have no personal knowledge of this. I’m just repeating what others have said.

(Mark) #3

I’m getting the same thing with Wemo Connect…


Known problem… ST is aware and are “working” on it :wink:

(Geko) #5

Take time off, come back “in few weeks” and try again. :wink:

(Bobby) #6

Oh cool…I bet it has the same ETA as the new scheduler…

(Joseph Commisso) #7

This happened to me. There used to be an update option but it seemed to go away.

(Pablo Guzman) #8

I’m having this same issue ._. any news or updates on this?

(Bobby) #9

@Tyler on another thread said that will be fixed by EOD tomorrow…