Adding Hue Lights

(Rob B) #1

I have 3 hue lights connected. How do I add a 4th without redoing everything?

(Rich D) #2

What was the secret for adding your first three? I can add the Hue Connect (hub) via Labs, but I can’t seem to get any of my bulbs to actually work. Did you select all 3 of yours when adding the hub, or did you add the hub 3 times, then add each bulb with each instance of the hub? Either way, I’m not having any luck.

(Rob B) #3

I didn’t do anything special. Just followed the steps and it worked for me. I added all 3 at once with one instance of the hub. Did you try emailing support?

(Charlie Treadwell) #4

Lava, did you ever figure this out? I just added a 6th bulb and can’t get it to show up in Smart Things. I have a lot of apps connected to my Hue bulbs, and removing all of them to then reconfigure the Hue sounds like a nightmare.

(A2thejay23) #5

according to this post, supposedly they fixed a bug that makes it so you don’t have to start over anymore

(tduffy) #6

They just recently released an update to the Hue (Connect) app that should add new bulbs without having to remove the Bridge and start over. If you run the Hue (Connect) app that already have installed again, it should find the new bulbs.

(A2thejay23) #7

I just tried this last night with a new bulb I bought.

Initially it wouldn’t add…that was with the iPhone app.

Later on I tried it again on my Nexus 5 with the Android app and it discovered the new bulb right away.

Not sure if that was a fluke or what…but I can confirm you can add a hue bulb now without having the remove all your existing ones and starting over

then i added another bulb the next day and it added pretty quickly with the iphone ST app…so seems like it works fine in both apps

(Charlie Treadwell) #8

Mine eventually came up. I think there was a delay.