Hue Bulb's Not Reporting to App Consistently/Sonos Just Not Working


The Hue Bulb integration has improved vastly in my experience over the past few weeks but one thing still seems to be an issue. If someone (read my wife) uses the Hue App, or if IFTTT activates the bulbs their status in the SmartThings App isn’t reported correctly…i.e on or off. I can control the bulbs in the App still so they are communicating with the App and Hub but don’t seem to reliably get the correct on or off status… anyone got any thoughts?

Lastly has anyone actually got the notifications working effectively on their sonos? Mine just don’t work at all!



It seems like the hub isn’t polling them for their status. I also notice sometimes when using the app they get stuck in the “turning on” or “turning off” state for forever. That may be an Android issue though.

Yeah thats what I thought maybe was happening which is a shame. I used to have them stick in the turning on and off state but now don’t but am using an iPhone.

Yeah, it doesn’t report very well at all, maybe 1 out of 6 times at the best.

Sonos. I have just about given up on the notifications. I can set one up and have it work for a few days and they it just stops responding altogether. I can remove all instances of the apps, connect and control, powercycle hub, and re-setup. It may or may not setup properly. If it does, it will work for a day or two, then die again. I haven’t hopped in and anlyzed any logs or anything as of yet.


I have lost count of the number of times I have added the sonos apps and then deleted them to try and get notifications to work.

The control of the sonos is fine from within the SmartThings App but getting it to do an act based notification and then carry on playing is not reliable at all right now.

I will say that with the Sonos at least its ‘state’ is spot on even if the player has been controlled by another app it always reports the right status.

Anyone found a solution or work around for the Hue bulbs not reporting correctly? I also can control them so I know they are communicating at some level, but the status never updates if it is controlled by another app or a physical switch.

The downstream effect for me is that “Notify me with Hue” doesn’t really work. I have it set to turn red for 10 seconds when motion is detected and then turn back. The problem since it doesn’t know what the status was before the “Notify me” command was sent it just stays red. However, if I cycle the hue bulb within the SmartThings app (turn off and then back on) then the “Notify me” command works exactly as it should.

I’ve had the same problem with iOS, the “turning off” or “turning on” status sticks. I’ve found if you force quit the app, then relaunch, it usually corrects it.

Guys, it is a known issue from day one that if you switch on the hues using some other app or manually, ST does not update the right state. Do a search on this issue and it is one of the most requested feature.

It will report the status if they are switched on/off using the ST app.

Is this fixed yet i.e Hue Bulbs reporting Status as my GE Link ones aren’t either!

Hues and GE links reporting incorrect status may be totally unrelated. :wink: Hues state when used via anything besides ST were never reflected correctly and is a known issue forever. I am not too sure about the GE’s as I only have 2 (one in the basement and one outdoor). The one in basement always shows the correct state and the one outside never as expected as I have it hooked with the old photocell type lantern (motion sensor) from old days. It’s forever on or off in the app based on my scheduled event as the motion is controlled by the lantern/lamp. Looking for a way to disable the built in motion sensor on the lamp