New Hue And Sonos Features

(Jon Allsebrook) #1

Just saw this on the blog and wow these are great additions!

Tried out the Hue aspect and works great. Unfortunately the Sonos side doesn’t want to work on a consistent basis and I can’t get the custom messages to play at all.

I am wondering if there is just something fundamentally wrong with how my Sonos is set up on the system?

I wish we could get more of a ‘support’ input on the forums (though Ben does so a lot!) as I don’t want to post a comment on their blog post saying something doesn’t work when it could be just me!

Fantastic move forward though more of this please!

(Alex Christensen) #2

Now that they’ve updated the Hue stuff again, has anyone had any luck adding new bulbs without deleting all the Hue stuff out and starting over? My current bulbs are referenced in too many places for that to really be an option.

(Cory S) #3

hmm, I don’t think I’ve ever had to delete all the bulbs to add new ones.

(Wheeler) #4

Sweet- thanks for pointing this out! From glancing at the code, this is a massive overhaul of the previous release.

As for the custom messages not playing, there is a notation in the app:

state.sound = textToSpeech(message instanceof List ? message[0] : message) // not sure why this is (sometimes) needed)

I am excited to play with this tonight, let u know if I can get that to work

(Rob B) #5

I had to delete my bulbs and all the rules to add new ones and I have the same question. Has this been resolved now?

(Jon Allsebrook) #6

Ok have had a good chance to play with this now…

Hue Stuff works great… a bit of a lag with not all the bulbs doing what they are asked too at same time but close.
Would be nice to be able to add in more preset scenes on the Hue control.
I am playing with different mood lighting scenes but so far so good.

Sonos - The Text To Speech I can only get working if I don’t tell the App to temporarily change the volume of the Sonos. If I leave that setting alone it works really well.
But it won’t resume playing what was playing before it just stops the queue. I also can’t for the life of me work out how to add radio stations or extra playlists on the tile for the system to play.

My ideal workflow in the Bedroom first thing would be - Set System to Good Morning (either manually on the App or via Timer), Sonos Announces Weather and then starts playing selected Radio Station. No idea how to make that work right now!

Overall a HUGE move forwards and the wife is even impressed!

As for the adding new Hue Bulbs I have never had a problem adding new bulbs to the system when I bought an extra I just went into the Hue Control App and it found them.

(Different Computers) #7

I’ve looked every place I can think of and don’t see any new ways of interacting with my Hue bulbs. No new smart app associated with the device, no Hue Bulb Thing under Explore Smart Apps.


(Jon Allsebrook) #8

Have attached a screenshot from my version of the App (iPhone) which shows the new Hue Interactions under the SmartThings Labs Section if that helps.

(Dane) #9

Can’t get the sonos mood to play if trigger is a mode, any suggestions, or am I setting it wrong.

(Different Computers) #10

Thanks John!

My inability to find it (and the announcement’s lack of clarity on where to find it) is part and parcel of my frustration with ST documentation. I understand they’ve hired some documentation writer. Sure hope that person hits the ground running!

Also: HOORAY for now being able to programmatically set color and brightness of Hue bulbs!

(Jon Allsebrook) #11

No problem!

Does anyone know the absolute best way to report issues with the SmartThings App and Lab’s in general as I am seeing a few things that they may want to know about!

(Beckwith) #12

First off, I would like to say I think the Sonos integration is really cool and has a lot of potential. It gives a proper voice to SmartThings. Being integrated with the home primary audio system is key. SmartThings audio needs to interrupt, not just talk over existing audio. If you are watching TV, for example, ST needs to interrupt audio so it can be understood. Sonos is positioned to be that integrated home audio system with it’s mesh architecture connected to the Internet. Once you have the design down, then other systems can be integrated (hopefully cheaper than Sonos)

Here is how I envision it:

If a user has a Sonos device, then the dashboard should have an option to use Sonos for any of the alerts. These audio alerts need an option to be alarms where they repeat until some event (alarm cleared or moisture dry for example). If you have several moisture sensors and smoke alarms, for example, you could use Sonos to tell you which one.

Issues I found:

It needs to have the option to play if set to mute (Right now it plays if paused, but not muted).

“Resume currently playing music” will not resume in-line or streaming radio. And if a song is playing, it resumes with the next one instead of finishing the existing (I’m OK with this). But if I’m using my Playbar watching a movie or streaming a radio station, I have to resume it manually. By the way, there is a typo in “Notify Sound” where it says “after weather report finishes” instead of after notification.

Notify Sound has two mode settings; “Only when mode is” and “Set for specific mode(s)”. I’m not sure if there is a difference.

For “On this Sonos player”, it would be nice if we could choose multiple sonos players i.e. “On these Sonos players”.

It is getting there. Cudos to SmartThings!

(Beckwith) #13

Where is the official place to report issues with the Sonos interface?

(Jared C) #14

Has anyone figured out how to get the Sonos to play music after telling you the weather? I found this old thread but the issue still seems to be there.

Also, is there a way to sequence events? For example, if I want to run the Sonos talk app and have it say “good morning”, then run the Sonos weather app and have it read the weather, is that even possible in SmartThings?

(Patrick Logan) #15

@jaredchris This is exactly what I want to do. Anyone?
Can it be jail broken, like say the greeting, delay 1 min, then the weather?

(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #16

Couldn’t you just copy the code into the IDE and add a delay or runIn command?

(Patrick Logan) #17

How do you get the code from built in Smartthings functions?

It’s much easier for me to learn if I can just grab the individual codes from existing sonos/smartthings interaction (for both the play a message and play the weather) and parse them together with some troubleshooting.


(Tony - SmartThings Unpublished Contributor ) #18

Open the ide. Create new smart app. Click the browse button on upper right side. Choose the app you want - one of the sonos apps - copy the code into your app. Make adjustments as necessary.