Hue Bulb Brightness

Using Hue Bulbs via Labs and sometimes (seems like mornings mostly) when rules trigger them on they are not at full brightness even though the dashboard shows them at full brightness. Anyone else having this issue? Anything I can do to make it max all the time?


What is the brightness setting when the bulbs are turned off?

I don’t have Hue’s myself, so I don’t know if this is true for them, but for Z-wave dimmers they remember what setting they were at when turned off and return to that when turned back on.

If my daughter turns her bedside lamp to 40%, for example, when my program auto-shuts it off after 2 hours (so she doesn’t leave it on all night long), when she turns it back on in the morning or whenever it’ll turn on to 40%.

They turn off at night and are at full brightness (3 bulbs). I do use the nightlight app for one of the bulbs before they come on for the morning. This one bulb comes on dim. Does this then cause all 3 to come on dim a few hours later?

Well, I don’t have any so I don’t have any hands on here, but it might be… It guess it depends on how the coding for devices works from SmartThings. I believe they are in a parent and child device set so maybe somethings happening here were you sending the ‘dim’ command to the parent (which might effect all bulbs?) vs. just the one. A lot of conjecture on my part.

I’d test it this way: When the nightlight app turns on the one bulb dim, then go turn on one of the other bulbs and see if it comes on dim or full.

When the nightlight came on today I turned on one of the other bulbs and it was dim. So the nightlight app appears to be dimming by default but how to recover the brightness after? I will try a different light for the nightlight as I may be using the “parent” light that settings are being copied off of.