Weird behavior from the house involving hue lights

Hi all! Hope someone can help me some this mystery.

I’ve been sitting here in my room with my Hue light in ‘relax’ mode and while I was happily reading, it suddenly turned on to full white!

I turned it down again using the Labs option to relax mode and less than 2 minutes later, bang! Up it goes again…

And no, no indication of the reason for the change in the logs… At least not within the Android app…


That is typical behavior if you had a sudden drop in voltage so that the SmartBulb believed it had disconnected. When it comes back on, it comes back at full brightness.

I don’t know what logs are available for the Hue itself, though.

Doh! So could it be due to my touch based lamp not providing enough current?

And by touch I mean that prior to having ST/Hue/home automation in my life, I had to tap the base once to turn it on softly, twice for medium and three taps for maximum brightness… Is that it???

Thank you JD! Made my night!!! (It’s past midnight here in Spain…)

Yes, that type of light might confuse the bulb. You should leave it set always to the brightest lamp setting, then let the bulb decide how much current to draw. Assuming the lamp is compatible with the bulb to begin with, of course.

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Time to convince the Mrs. to get a new set of regular lamps! :smile:


The one thing i have noticed with my Hue lights is that i have a bunch of different apps i have downloaded that interaction between ST and the Hue apps dont always work with each other well. I would have something set up on 1 app and have something set on ST and they would not change “what i thought was randomly” but turns out that it was somthing that i had set on IFTTT or something else. Im still trying to find the right balance of ST and Hue official app.

Basically i would double check everything you have set up with your Hue lights just to make sure there isnt anything you forgot.

Good luck to you, and i hope you figure out your issue!

Here is the solution…

I had a similar experience with Hues randomly defaulting colors in a touch lamp. I came to the same conclusion about the voltage issue, similar to a non-LED compatible dimming circuit.

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